296€ with Coupon for BLUETTI PowerOak AC50S 300 portable power station – EU 🇪🇺 – GEEKBUYING

🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE – Germany] ONLY €296 with our SPECIAL COUPON for BLUETTI PowerOak AC50S 300W Portable Power Station 500Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Wireless Charging Backup Battery for Outdoor Queuing Camping – Orange – GeekBuying

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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Germany] BLUETTI PowerOak AC50S 300 Portable Power Station ...
€296 €668
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️
296€ with Coupon for BLUETTI PowerOak AC50S 300 Portable Power Station - EU 🇪🇺 - GEEKBUYING
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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Germany] BLUETTI PowerOak AC50S 300 Portable Power Station ...
€296 €668
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️

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500Wh portable power station BLUETTI AC50S lithium battery power station features 500Wh (45Ah, 11.1V), 300W power and 220-240VAC (pure sine wave) outlets, which can run most of your essential outdoor appliances and electronics such as cell phones, cameras, Bluetooth speakers, mini freezers, radios, projectors and more. Releases 11 Equipped with 2 AC outlets, 1 45W Type-C PD port, 4 USB-A ports, 1 DC car cigarette lighter, 2 DC ports and 1 wireless charging pad, the power station can charge up to 11 devices at the same time for meet your outdoor needs. 3 ways of charging You can recharge your power station with an AC adapter at home, via your car outlet on a road trip, or simply use a solar panel. It takes about 4.5 hours to fully recharge the control unit from a wall outlet (AC 220-240V adapter); about 4-5 hours to fully recharge it via BLUETTI SP120 120W solar panel (excluded, MPPT recharge mode); or about 15 hours via 12V car charger. Security protection The self-level battery cell has a faster discharge rate and lower heat, and is safer than ordinary battery cores. Cycle length is 1000+. The Battery Management System (BMS) enables voltage/current control, temperature control and more advanced safety features. Handle design, LED light with 3 modes With foldable handle design, it is very space-saving to carry around for outdoor activities such as camping, road trips, queuing party, BBQ, adventure, photography, fishing, etc. The LED lighting has three modes: Fullbright, Half-Bright and SOS flashing. You can switch it by pressing the LED light button.


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