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🇪🇺 [EU – Europe WAREHOUSE] ONLY €358 con il nostro COUPON SPECIALE per NEWTRAL NT002 Sedia ergonomica Supporto lombare adattivo con poggiapiedi Angolo reclinabile 4 Schienale regolabile Bracciolo Poggiatesta 5 posizioni per bloccare la base in lega di alluminio – Versione Pro – GeekBuying

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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Europe] NEWTRAL NT002 Ergonomic Chair Adaptive Lumbar Support with ...
€358 €449
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358€ with Coupon for NEWTRAL NT002 Ergonomic chair Adaptive lumbar support with - EU 🇪🇺 - GEEKBUYING
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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Europe] NEWTRAL NT002 Ergonomic Chair Adaptive Lumbar Support with ...
€358 €449
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Adaptive support for the lower back The NEWTRAL office chair with lumbar support has an automatic tracking mechanism (world first for chairs) to ensure that the lower back gets constant support during different sitting positions automatically. The strength and intensity of the support can be adjusted to individual needs and the lumbar support can be locked in place when needed. Adjustable backrest This ergonomic home chair with adjustable backrest can adjust the height of the backrest up and down to meet the height needs of most people. Additionally, you can adjust your sitting position with 5 lock positions. Seat with high density sponge cushion The seat cushion consists of high-density foam that supports your body and ensures an extremely comfortable feeling even for prolonged periods of sitting. The synchronized tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment ensure that users sit correctly and get the support they need for all day comfort. 126 degree tilt for a comfortable nap The functional synchronized tilt mechanism allows for angle adjustment in 4 positions. Backrest tension can be adjusted to many different levels based on body weight for better responsiveness and flexibility. This unique feature allows you to lie down comfortably during your lunch break at work or at home. Footrest support Using an extended footrest allows you to rest your legs and enjoy optimal reclining comfort. By supporting your lower limbs with the footrest, you can find the ideal position to take a nap or a break. Raising your legs also helps increase blood flow, reduces varicose veins, and allows you to work in a lying position using a desk on your lap with a laptop. Adjustable headrest The NEWTRAL home chair with fully adjustable headrest has dynamically adjustable headrest height and angle, which can be adjusted from above and below. This feature helps reduce strain on the neck and shoulders when leaning back in the chair.   4D padded armrest The armrests can be adjusted in all 3 dimensions, allowing you to adjust them: up and down for height, forward and backward, tilt in and out and they also have lateral angles. A padded surface is provided on the top of the armrests to give you the best comfort and support. Korea Wire Back Mesh NEWTRAL office chair with footrest uses Korea wire breathable mesh. It provides optimal airflow to avoid sweating and sticking to the back of the chair, while its softness adapts to your body. Certified quality The reclining office chair features KGS class 4 high quality gas lift which is made in Korea and certified by TUV/BIFMA/SGS with more than 12000 pressure test cycles. It is durable and able to bear 350 lbs.


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