€30 with Coupon for ORICO UFSD 128 GB Dual Flash Drive Type-C USB-A – GEEKBUYING

ONLY €30 with our SPECIAL COUPON for ORICO UFSD 128GB Dual Flash Drive Type-C USB-A Dual Interface for MacBook, Android Smartphones – GeekBuying

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ORICO UFSD 128GB Dual Flash Drive Type-C ...
€30 €43
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️
30€ with Coupon for ORICO UFSD 128 GB Dual Flash Drive Type-C USB-A - GEEKBUYING
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ORICO UFSD 128GB Dual Flash Drive Type-C ...
€30 €43
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️


High speed transmission Using USB3.2 Gen1 high-speed transmission protocol, USB3.2 Gen1 high-speed performance of max 405MB/s read speed, write speed up to 350MB/s. With write speeds up to 15x faster than standard USB 2.0 drives, you can transfer 1GB of files in less than 3 seconds. PS: ORICO UFSD USB 3.0 Flash Drive is backward compatible with USB 2.0, so you can plug it into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.

Stable transmission speed USB3.2 Gen1 UFSD Flash Drive Read 60GB file in the ORICO laboratory test environment, the transmission speed is stable

USB C and USB A 2 in 1 interface, lanyard hook design for easy carrying The 360° rotation protection cap design prevents the cap from being lost, and the 90° locked point design prevents the unit from rotating randomly. In addition, you can hang it on a keychain with a humanized hanging ring design.

Powerful storage, multiple capacity optional 128GB oversized capacity allows you to store lots of videos, photos, music, games and other files without risk of loss.

Waterproof and resistant The unique encapsulation technology and metal casing make this USB flash drive waterproof, drop-proof, airtight and durable. Protects file data. (Keep dry before inserting the device)

Wide Compatibility — Plug and Play, without software installation Fully compatible with mobile phones, computers, TVs, cars, audio and other equipment, compatible with Windows, Android Mac OS and other operating systems, free reading and writing are not limited. Help you with using data transfer between multiple devices. PS: A. Keep the flash drive interface consistent with the connected device interface. B. When the product is not in use, eject the USB flash drive safely and then unplug the USB flash drive.


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