380€ with Coupon for SCULPFUN S30 Pro Laser Engraver Cutter from – EU 🇪🇺 – GEEKBUYING

🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE – Poland] ONLY €380 with our SPECIAL COUPON for SCULPFUN S30 Pro 10W laser engraver cutter, auto pneumatic assist, laser focus 0.06*0.08mm, 32bit mainboard, replaceable lens, engraving size 410*400mm, expandable to 935* 905mm – GeekBuying

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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Poland] SCULPFUN S30 Pro Laser Engraver Cutter from ...
€380 €480
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️
380€ with Coupon for SCULPFUN S30 Pro Laser Engraver Cutter from - EU 🇪🇺 - GEEKBUYING
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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Poland] SCULPFUN S30 Pro Laser Engraver Cutter from ...
€380 €480
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️


1. Due to the powerful laser power, it is forbidden to operate the engraving machine unsupervised. Pause it if you are not there.

2. For detailed instructions on the machine, refer to the manual for parameter settings.

3. When using the laser engraving machine, install the laser protection cover; if it is not installed, you need to wear goggles.

4. Do not touch the laser with your hands, otherwise you may burn your hands.

5. Please avoid strong impact on the machine.

6. Children under the age of 14 are prohibited from using this product, and children over the age of 14 require adult supervision.

7. Do not apply the laser directly to specular reflection objects, which could cause injury to the operator or burn the laser.


Pneumatic assistance system with automatic control S30 series is equipped with 32-bit pneumatic assist motherboard and control type air pump, which can intelligently control the pneumatic assist switch when engraving by LightBurn software M8 button , this makes engraving and cutting very neat and is very suitable for making exquisite gifts. Integrated high pressure assistance nozzle The S30 series is equipped with an advanced air-assisted high-pressure metal nozzle, which can generate 30L / min high-pressure airflow under the air pump, greatly improving cutting efficiency and cutting speed is more than 5 times faster than without air assistance. 10W ultra-thin laser Adopting ultra-thin laser shaping technology, the laser focus of S30 is as thin as hair and very powerful for engraving or cutting. The S30 Pro 10W laser is suitable for frequent cuts, doing everything faster. Replaceable protective lens The S30 series laser adopts an innovative replaceable lens, which greatly improves the life of the laser, which is more than 10 times longer than other general-purpose lasers. When the lens is damaged or after prolonged use, the lens can be replaced to restore the cutting power. Expandable engraving area The original engraving area is about 410 × 400mm, while it features an expandable XY axis design, so you can purchase a Y axis expansion kit to expand the engraving area to 935 × 400mm; buy an XY axis expansion kit to upgrade an engraving area up to 935 × 905mm, which can help you better handle large area engraving or cutting. Upgraded 32-bit Air-assist motherboard The latest 32-bit motherboard supports automatic air assistance control and reserves Bluetooth and SD card offline printing function. (Upgrade kit sold separately) Industrial-grade cutting accuracy The extremely solid and high-precision 0.005mm linear slide rail X-axis achieves industrial-grade engraving accuracy. When comparing small engraving details, the S30 series does not have the wavy pattern that appears in normal engraving machines. Sturdy and durable aluminum alloy frame Made of high strength aluminum alloy, its frame can bear up to 50kg weight without damage and is very durable. The frame can be used for a long time and keep high accuracy, just upgrade the latest laser when you need to upgrade the machine. Safety design The presented A4 size steel pad can protect the table well from laser damage. There is a catchy power switch on the machine, you can directly and quickly turn off the power in an emergency. Right angle measuring ruler There are precise scale lines on the X axis and Y axis to form a right angle measuring ruler, which is convenient for quickly measuring the dimensions of the engraved object.


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