696€ with Coupon for 400D FLSUN V3 FDM Printer, quick print 400 – EU 🇪🇺 – GEEKBUYING

🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE – Poland] ONLY €696 with our SPECIAL COUPON for 400D FLSUN V3 FDM Printer, Fast Printing 400mm/s, Pre-assembled, Auto Leveling, Dual Drive Extruder, 300*410mm – GeekBuying

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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Poland] 400D FLSUN V3 FDM printer, fast printing 400 ...
€696 €953
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696€ with Coupon for 400D FLSUN V3 FDM printer, quick print 400 - EU 🇪🇺 - GEEKBUYING
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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Poland] 400D FLSUN V3 FDM printer, fast printing 400 ...
€696 €953
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️


400mm / s high speed printing, Klipper firmware Pre-installed full Klipper firmware (Klipper, Moonraker, Mainsail, KlipperScreen, WebCAM, etc.) gives FLSUN V400 a 400m / s high speed printing effect with no configuration required. The self-designed and developed all-metal frame structure, combined with the delta structure, is suitable for high-speed printing. With the same print quality, the printing time can be saved by more than 70% compared to the traditional 3D printer structure. Ultra-light short-range extruder, bimetallic construction FLSUN V400 is designed with ultra-light short-range extruder, and the extrusion force can reach 70N, which can meet the needs of 400mm / s high-speed printing, especially suitable for printing flexible consumables and rigid consumables such as PLA. The extruder throat tube adopts bimetallic structure, which can meet 300 degree high temperature printing. Optimized slicing software Cura5.0 with optimized parameters includes two modes: basic mode and expert mode, which can meet the print setting needs of novice users and professional users with different accuracy and difficulty. 7-inch wide-angle IPS Using a 7-inch wide-angle IPS ultra-high resolution interactive screen, the same multi-touch interaction pattern as the Apple mobile phone, and a newly optimized KlipperScreen interface, the operation of the FLSUN V400 3D printer is more concise and convenient. Printing size 300x300x410mm, high precision It can print objects with a maximum diameter of 300mm and a height of 410mm. Adopt dual axis wire gauge, the accuracy is higher when printing at high speed. PEI spring steel platform and 110 degree Celsius hotbed The separate magnetic platform made of PEI spring steel makes the first printing layer more firmly bonded, and the pattern is easy to take. The hotbed can be heated up to 110 degrees centigrade and various materials can be printed with appropriate setting parameters. Filament break detection Supports broken filament detection, stops automatically after normal consumables use, and continues printing after consumables are replaced. Self-leveling The self-developed leveling algorithm compensates for machining errors through 25 points, which can easily solve the first layer problem. Single mechanical arm The 400D FLSUN V3 printer adopts 10mm diameter high strength carbon fiber rod, aircraft grade aluminum shell and POM bearing wear resistant material, which made a lightweight and high strength design with zero backlash and integrated structural stiffness and positioning. Fan cooling system and triangular light strip Two dual ball fan cooling systems ensure model cooling effect and fan life. The triangular light strip design ensures omnidirectional effector illumination.


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