446€ with Coupon for SYL-08 V3 Off-road electric skateboard version with remote control – EU 🇪🇺 – GEEKBUYING

🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE – Poland] ONLY €446 with our SPECIAL COUPON for SYL-08 V3 Version Off-Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control 1450W Motor up to 38km/h 10Ah Battery Maple Deck 8inch Wheel Max Load 130kg Left Foot Front Regular Position – Black – GeekBuying

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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Poland] SYL-08 V3 Version Electric Skateboard ...
€446 €590
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️
446€ with Coupon for SYL-08 V3 Off-road Electric Skateboard Version with Remote Control - EU 🇪🇺 - GEEKBUYING
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🇪🇺 [EU WAREHOUSE - Poland] SYL-08 V3 Version Electric Skateboard ...
€446 €590
💙 GeekBuying 💙 - ⚡️ NEW COUPON ⚡️

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Electric skateboard, a new choice of travel, informal outings and entertainment.

Powerful motor and large capacity battery ensure a perfect trip.

remote control could help to control the speed according to your needs

The maximum speed could be 38km / h


Off-road electric skateboard
38km/h maximum speed
1450Wx2 Dynamic parameters
10AH Great battery
130KG Maximum load
1450 Dynamic parameters

Top speed 38km / h, powerful motor ensures the perfect trip.

10Ah Battery

It is more durable with 10Ah high capacity battery, brings long lasting energy up to 20-30km range.

Bluetooth Remote control

Wireless remote control can help you control the speed according to your needs.

Shock Absorption system

Double suspension front and rear make it an all terrain scooter while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

Off road Pneumatic tire

Dominant off-road 8 pneumatic tires, which not only could conquer the mountain hills, but the city road is also very comfortable


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Current price €549,99 18/05/2023
Highest price €549,99 18/05/2023
Lowest price €446,00 16/02/2023
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