[WAREHOUSE EU - EU] NEJE 3 MAX 11W + laser engraver cutter, E40 laser module, fixed focus 0.06 × 0.06 mm

€464 €620
[WAREHOUSE EU - EU] NEJE 3 MAX 11W + laser engraver cutter, E40 laser module, fixed focus 0.06 × 0.06 mm
[WAREHOUSE EU - EU] NEJE 3 MAX 11W + laser engraver cutter, E40 laser module, fixed focus 0.06 × 0.06 mm
€464 €620

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ONLY €464 for NEJE 3 MAX 11W + Laser Engraver Cutter, E40 Laser Module, Fixed Focus 0.06 × 0.06mm


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Large engraving area The NEJE 3 Max laser engraver features a working area of ​​810 x 460mm, expandable 810 x 1030mm, 6133 x 10800 pixels, dot pitch of 0.075mm and maximum motion speed of 1000mm / s. All functions of the whole machine are tested and only 6 screws are required to complete the installation.  Advanced laser module NEJE E40 is a fixed 2-beam module with 11W + of pulses and 10W + of continuous output power. The minimum focusing point reaches 0.06 × 0.06mm. Compared to NEJE A40640, E40 is more focused on cutting stability, heavy duty design, easier use of pneumatic assistance and more stable output power for cutting. More materials and clearer Wood, MDF, leather, paper, cotton, etc. are supported. The 8mm plywood only needs to be cut once with the assistance of air and the cut is immaculate. It can directly engrave stainless steel. Glass, clear acrylic and other materials can be engraved in a certain way. Portable professional control software With 32-bit control system, the maximum speed can reach 60000mm / min. Support LaserGRBL, Lightburn, NEJE software and NEJE APP (Android, iOS, iPad, macOS), NEJE 3 Max allows you to make many different exquisite work. Perfect Reprint your design With an all-aluminum alloy hybrid frame and high-precision PC material, the movement of this laser engraver is smoother, more reliable, high-precision and easy to maintain, which can lead to a long life of the machine. With the built-in smart quick drive, supports temperature feedback and can intelligently adjust the fan heat dissipation, the NEJE 3 Max laser engraver is safe and quiet to use.




Brand Name: NEJE Type: Laser Engraving Cutter Model: 3 MAX E40 Black Color


Chassis Dimensions (L - W - H): 590x980x160mm Working area (X - Y): 810 x 460 mm, extends up to 810 x 1030 mm Stitch pitch: 0.075 mm, 338 dpi Pixel: 6133 x 10800 px Guide accuracy : 0.01mm Maximum movement speed: X: 1000mm / s, Y: 750mm / s Frame material: Hybrid frame all aluminum alloy and high precision PC material Structure technology: Adjustable design to adapt to the Y axis , assembly for X axis stress adaptation Structure feature: fit, high precision, stable, smooth, oil free, easy maintenance, long service life Vertical notch: Yes (45 degrees) Motor size: 42 x 42 x 34mm Current motor drive: 0.9A Module height adjuster: Yes Home: rear left Source: front left Compatible modules: all 4-pin NEJE laser modules, including E40 24V laser module (motherboard is above v1.1.0 )

Module: NEJE E40 Focus: 0.06 × 0.06mm Focus method: Fixed (3mm from radiator) Optical power: Pulse 11W +, CW 10W + Wavelength: 450nm Weight: 280g Module size: 40x48x130mm Input: DC 12V 4A Interface: 4 pin PH2.0 + (2 pin DC12v extra power) Compatible with: NEJE 3 Max, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 2s Max, NEJE 2s Plus, etc. Power Control: PWM Power Modulation Fan: Double Ball High Life Fan Drive: NEJE Smart Quiet Drive, built-in static electricity elimination technology.  Surge Protection: Yes Intelligent Feedback: Yes Temperature Feedback: Yes Temperature control: 45 degrees Celsius Air pump: 0.5-1.5mpa of clean air Air interface: 4mm PVC trachea Window Protective Lenses: Yes (resist 1000 degrees Celsius)

Weight and size

Product weight: 5.8kg Package Weight: 6.5kg Package size (L x W x H): 99x40x19cm

Package Contents

1 NEJE machine 3 Max 1 laser module with air assistance kit 1 x 12V 5A power supply 1 x USB Cavo 1 x Glasses 1 x L-Shaped Tracked Aluminum Profile 2 x crawler 1 x 12V valve control kit (less than 1.5mpa) 1 x 12V Relay Expansion Control Kit (Additional AD or DC power max 2500W) 1 x Door Control Kit (Control Line Length: 1m) 1 x Screw Nut Wrench Material Belt Installation Package 1 x Trial Package 1 x quality card 1 x Utente Manual


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